Pocket Parks

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A pocket park is a small green space that is either operated as an 'official' park or that is apparently unclaimed. Pocket parks often come into being when building contractors have land left over, or at junctions of roads and railway lines, where the land is deemed not useful for development. These parks are often too small for sporting events, but are perfect spots for meet-ups and other more relaxed activities. They are also key places for urban wildlife, with trees and underbrush providing valuable habitats to birds, foxes, and other species.

The arch of greenery leading into the Mapesbury Dell, looking out at a wooden obelisk in a patch of shrubs and flowers.
The entrance to the Mapesbury Dell.

Pocket Parks in London

Potential Pocket Parks in London

Some areas are perfect contenders to become new pocket parks. If you see a suitable green space in your local area, you could begin a campaign to bring the idea to life. Examples of potential pocket parks in London include:

  • St Michael's Road green space (NW2)
  • Park Avenue North embankment (NW10)