NHS Super-Mural Waterloo Railway Arch

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NHS Superhero Waterloo rail arch Cornwall Road

Competed 1st May 2020, Lionel Stanhope’s “Super-mural” pays tribute to National health services during the peak of first Covid-19 outbreak.

The mural is located in a railway arch in Southwark on Cornwall Road.

The artwork was the 30th commissioned by Network Rail along with a series of murals by Stanhope across South East London.

“Network Rail saw a small version of this mural I had done just for myself and gave me the opportunity to do a much bigger version on a wall, to say thank you to all our incredible NHS staff. The location means I can do the work and can still distance myself so this is really the least I can do.

I’m just painting at the end of the day and there’s thousands of doctors and nurses who are doing incredible work saving lives, and this is for them.”[1]