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What is this?

The purpose of this wiki is to benefit readers by creating a freely accessible guide to the London National Park City.

Readers will be able to use it to better understand, enjoy and contribute to the National Park City.

The London National Park City is a place, vision and movement. This wiki is a collaborative guide to all aspects of the London National Park City. It is distinctive from wikipedia because of its local focus and audience as well as an orientation towards knowledge for making the city greener, healthier, wilder and fairer. From wildlife to local geographies, any resident or visitor will be able to find knowledge about London National Park City as well as places to visit and things to do. Read more on the 11 Pillars of this wiki.

The National Park City Wiki will cover the full range of National Park City themes. It will not only be about parks and greenspaces.

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Check out our growing list of places covered in our 10 Things To Enjoy guides written by our contributors. There's over 30 guides already from 10 Things To Enjoy in Abbey Wood, via 10 Things to Enjoy in Crystal Palace, 10 Things to Enjoy in Perivale Park onto 10 Things To Enjoy in Wimbledon. Read them all and then add your own.

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Thornton Heath Art Trail

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