London Outer Orbital Path (LOOP)

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The London Outer Orbital Path, or LOOP, almost completely encircles Greater London. It is nearly 150 miles long and is split into 24, bite-sized walks perfect for a weekend exploration.

The London Loop was originally launched in 2001 by the London Walking Forum. It was maintained for some years by Transport for London but is now the responsibility of the authorities through which the sections pass.

Ramblers volunteers, called Loop Leaders, monitor all sections of the Loop with the aim of ensuring that they are properly maintained and improved for the public to enjoy.

During 2020 - 21, The Ramblers' Loop Leaders revised the walk guides, the maps and the details about transport and other facilities in the pdf files for all 24 sections of the Loop. [1]

Hogsmill River - Section 8 Ewell to Kingston Upon Thames

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