London Fungus Network

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The London Fungus Network is a new network for curious Londoners.

The London Fungus Network* was launched 19th August 2020, a new initiative to connect mycologically-curious Londoners with the urban Fungal Kingdom.

Mushrooms are mysterious. They capture our imagination like no other organisms. Perceived as live-giving, mind-blowing and deadly, they simultaneously inspire fear, wonder and confusion. Against the odds, fungi thrive in big cities like London too. So we launched the London Fungus Network to encourage Londoners to get to know our fungal neighbours.

The launch event featured a conversation with Giuliana Furci, founder of Fungi Foundation, about why mushrooms inspire her and her journey from growing up in north London, to becoming a pioneer of fungal research and conservation in Chile.

For more details of the London Fungus Network visit @londonfungusnetwork on Facebook or Instagram.

Watch an introductory video over on YouTube