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How do I start adding to this wiki?

First you will need an account

You need to have been given a user account before you can edit existing pages, and add new pages.

Currently user accounts are being created as invitation only. To apply for an account please fill out this form and someone will review and send you an invitation within a day or so.

Then jump straight into creating your first page

Read and follow our step-by-step Writing Your First Page guide which gives simple instructions on creating your first page and categorising it so it becomes visible to other readers.

The guide helps you create a page in our popular 10 Things To Enjoy category giving you a chance to create a short fun page about an area you know.

The goal of a Wiki article is to share a neutrally written summary of existing mainstream knowledge in a fair and accurate manner with a straightforward, "just-the-facts style". Articles should have an encyclopedic style with a formal tone instead of essay-like, argumentative, promotional or opinionated writing.

You can find some other projects we are working on within the Wiki listed below.

Active Projects on this Wiki

We are encouraging you to contribute articles for the following themes:

  • 10 Things To Enjoy - our active project where people are suggesting things to enjoy in their local area of London. Select an area you know and then create a page listing 10 things to enjoy in that area.
  • Write an article about a part or all of a London River that you know or enjoy.
  • Write an article about a Viewpoint that you have enjoyed in London
  • Write an article about some street art that you have found in London
  • Write a short How To article explaining something that you want to help others do

Learning More - Becoming a More Advanced Contributor

  • A great starting point to write your first page is to create your very own 10 Things To Enjoy page for an area you know. You can make this first step by following the step by step Writing Your First Page guide.

Need More Help?

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What's Happened Recently on this Wiki?

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