Capital Ring

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A walk through London's greenest suburbs, this 78-mile route is divided into 15 shorter walks.

The Capital Ring is an urban walk in a smaller and more central loop around London than the London Loop, staying within 10 miles of Big Ben. Officially opened in 2005, it crosses the Thames at Richmond in the West and Woolwich in the East, and takes in many of the city's open spaces including Crystal Palace Park, Syon Park, Highgate Woods, Finsbury Park and Hackney Marshes. See the guidebook by Colin Saunders for further background information about the Ring and alternative walking guidance.

The Capital Ring was originally set up by the London Walking Forum. It was maintained for some years by Transport for London but is now the responsibility of the boroughs through which the sections pass.

Ramblers volunteers, called Ring Rangers, monitor all sections of the Ring with the aim of ensuring that they are properly maintained and improved for the public to enjoy.[1]

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  1. Walking the Capital Ring - Inner London Ramblers