10 Things to Enjoy in Camberwell and Walworth

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Burgess Park Lake

Head to Burgess Park Lake for a leisurely stroll or relaxing break. You can also admire the floating islands that have been installed (Project Duckling) to give waterfowl places to build nests.

Walworth Garden

Explore this lush corner of Walworth to see how a derelict piece of land can be transformed into a thriving community green space. You'll find a wide range of plants, an apiary, and a plant shop selling plants and a selection of local products. You can also find out more about workshops they offer to Southwark residents and the public. Visit their website for more.

Glengall Wharf Garden

In Burgess Park you can find the Glengall Wharf Garden, a community garden run by volunteers. Here you can sign up to volunteer in the space, attend workshops, learn about food and plant growing, and see beehives and chickens.

Benhill Road Nature Garden

Take a small detour from a visit in Camberwell to relax in Benhill Road Nature Garden, a small oasis of wildflowers, a pond, and tree cover.

Ruskin Park Tree Walk

Try a self-guided tree walk in Ruskin Park, courtesy of the Camberwell Society, which includes six stops in the park.

Myatt's Fields Park

Myatt's Fields Park Victorian park with plenty of facilities, pitches, gardens, and playgrounds. Enjoy a relaxing day walking, sitting, playing, and eating and drinking at the cafe.

Camberwell Grove

Stroll and admire this residential street following the line of a grove of trees and was featured in an episode of the BBC's The Secret History of Our Streets.

Camberwell Green

A 1 hectare common land in the heart of Camberwell, Camberwell Green hosts sitting areas and Camberwell Library. Camberwell Market is also open on the Green on Saturdays, gathering local businesses and traders.

East Street Market

Open Tuesdays through Sundays, East Street Market sells produce, clothing, jewellery, household products, and cosmetics, among other items.

Play in Brunswick Park

A small park tucked in the middle of Camberwell's residential streets, Brunswick Park hosts tennis courts, basketball courts, a small playground, a gallery, and a cafe.