10 Things to Enjoy in Bromley & Chislehurst

From London National Park City Wiki

Go on a bear hunt.

Head west from Chislehurst into Chislehurst Recreation Ground and then follow the Green Chain signs through Waldon Recreation Ground and into the woods to the north. Soon, you’ll find a fallen tree that has now become home to a very friendly family of bears

Beside the babbling brook.

Covering 230 acres Hawkwood is an oasis of calm. Following the yellow trail through pastures and woodland, it is hard to believe that you are only 13 miles from the centre of London. If you visit with children, take wellies. The walk follows the path of the Kyd Brook and they are bound to want to splash in the stream.

Sculpture trail

Wooden thrones, birds in flight and even a gnome house. The circular path around Elmstead Wood is peppered with tree carvings.

History and nature combined.

Download the Scadbury Acorn Trail and follow it through hundreds of years of history, including a the remains of an Elizabethan manor and a World War II bomb crater. Don’t forget to spot beasts on the way; find 20 or more to qualify as ‘really wild’.

Imperial past.

Find out about Chislehurst’s imperial past on a walk round Chislehurst common. Seek out the memorial to Prince Eugène Bonaparte, great great nephew of Napoleon who was laid to rest in Chislehurst after his death in the Zulu wars.

Woods and glens

Hunt for the remains of Sir Thomas Dewey's estate among vestiges of ancient woodland in South Hill Woods. The old fountain can still be found nestled in the trees. Travel further back in time, with a trip to nearby Kingswood Glen, which has Roman connections, as well as the remains of an iron-age fort. The lakes are home to a variety of amphibians, including Britain's rarest newt, the great crested newt.

Parrot fashion.

Whenever you head outside, look for flashes of green. South-east London is home to a vibrant colony of ring-necked parakeets.